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We aim to grow with PACK-IST

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Flexible Packaging Manufacturers Association (FASD) is a non-governmental organization which established in 2005 with 56 members the Turkish flexible packaging industry’s the single most competent representatives. FASD is an association which is representing their members in national and international platforms, protect the rights of members, regulations related to the industry in the development agenda setter and have a right to say. FASD is working for development of flexible packaging industry manufacturers in the sector of the global market in order to take its place among the leading suppliers. FASD, which is a member of “Flexible Packaging Europe” organization, is followed closely the sector developments in abroad too.

Flexible packaging constitutes more than one third of packaging industry with total industry size is estimated 14 billion USD. 16 members of FASD are take part in Turkey’s 1000 Largest Industrial Organizations manufacturer of flexible packaging for export figure is over $ 1 billion. Turkey's goal of flexible packaging industry; In 2020 Europe's flexible packaging needs is to become the main supply and production base. Today, the industry technological infrastructure, human resources, knowledge, capacity and installation of systems and products to the world market is in a position were imposed. Flexible packaging manufacturers fulfills the rules of hygiene for many years European Union legislation, standards, recycling and successfully. FASD that have promotion of industry goals scored in line with several studies flexible packaging industry can not be adequately represented in the packaging fair in the assumption need for a specialized exhibition for the flexible packaging industry. PACK-IST fair was born in order to meet these needs, in close cooperation with the Yağmur Fuarcılık and FASDin 2012 and 2013. The third of PACK-IST  will be held between 2 - 5 April 2015 at the Istanbul Expo Center, fair international character brought forward and so flexible packaging manufacturers in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and all other major markets to improve the efficiency.

Hasan Salih ACAR
FASD General Secretary