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PACK-IST will become only brand fair of flexible packaging in the world

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PACK-IST Flexible Packaging Fair is going to be held for the 3rd time in Istanbul Expo Center on 2-5 April 2015 by Yağmur Fuarcılık.

The very first Flexible Packaging Fair “Flexo Latino America”   was held in Brazil in 2015

Because of the fact that Turkey is a country with all the conditions to develop expertness fair  in flexible packaging sector and expand this sector to global size,  regulated process of     Pack-Ist  appeared. Yağmur Fuarcılık which is the organizer of the exhibition industry specializing in the field of packaging and FASD which creates the structure of forces has made cooperation and held PACK-IST Fair in 2012.

Rapid growth of the food sector and export potential, urbanization, increasing of contemporary consumption patterns in Turkey lead to rapid development of flexible packaging production and technological attributes.  Turkey’s flexible packaging sector that sells products to almost every region of the world, develops competitiveness, establishes factories in many countries and able to produce and export, aims to be a leader and has a prediction to be base of the flexible packaging in 2020. These facts showed exactly the need for global flexible packaging exhibition.

Yağmur Fuarcılık evaluated all the developments above and held the very first Flexible Packaging Fair of the Europe PACK-IST  in 2012 in Istanbul Expo Center.

Result of the cooperation of Yağmur Fuarcılık and FASD which representing a major force in plastic packaging industry, qualification of participants has gained importance with Turkey’s and world’s leading companies in terms of "Technology & Design and Production Size".

It is a pleasing situation that FASD has many members which are among the first 1000 industrial enterprises in export and sizes.  All these facts are providing a background to PACK-IST Fair’s momentum that will be caught in near future.

Plastik & Ambalaj Teknolojisi Dergisi (Plastic & Packaging Technology Magazine) that the most prestigious magazine of the sector for 20 years, became the mainstream media sponsorship of PACK-IST Flexible Packaging Fair.  Plastik & Ambalaj Teknolojisi Dergisi (Plastic & Packaging Technology Magazine) has contributed to the promotion of the exhibition on national and global scale by carrying out large-scale promotional activities to all target firms in 81 cities and joining some important exhibition events in countries like Germany, India, Greece, France.

Turkey's growing role in world food production caused development of determining and effective production sector related with flexible packaging. In this case an opportunity has arisen that will increase the brand awareness, sustain market efficiency, carry forward the vision of the fair. At the stage we have reached this reality is Pack-Ist Fair. Sector representatives that join this fair, certify their power and continuity in their brand identities which will shape the future of the world market. We are inviting all the sector representatives to PACK-IST which is rapidly becoming the world’s only brand exhibition in the field of flexible packaging.

Berivan KAYA

Yağmur Fuarcılık / General Coordinator