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3T Fair has accelerated metal processing sector

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Metal Industry in Turkey's largest and most important international events each year, which is one of the 11th 3T International Metal Processing, Mould and Automation Technologies Fair is held by Yagmur Fuarcilik at Izmir International Fair Area on 6- 9 March 2014. 3T Exhibition hosted hundreds of participants and thousands of visitors in the sector.

Access to one of the fastest growing markets in the world, the chance to have the potential, while the formation of partnerships and new technological trends, identify future business opportunities that the metal sector in Turkey every year is one of the largest and most important international events 3T Fair has attracted great attention. Exhibitors were present from abroad was success achieved an international quality.

International Meeting of Metal Working Sector

The metal processing technology sector in Turkey is one of the two largest exhibitions 3T Fair’s participated this year 173 companies from domestic and abroad.

As well as, Israel, U.S.A, The Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, Taiwan, England, Italy, India, South Korea, Belgium, Czech Republic, and Switzerland countries participants such as from Turkey many companies had the opportunity to showcase their products at the fair.

3T affords you the opportunity to determine the new technological trends

3T 2014 Fair is offering at the same time produced in the field of machinery, mold, automation technologies for for visitors who want to make the right decision to invest in a technology platform that is very important. General Manager of Yagmur Fuarcilik Yuksel Kaya explained about 3T 2014 Exhibition. “Eurasian region, which is one of the largest metal processing technologies gave the chance at 3T 2014 to take part in trade fairs exhibitors and visitors access to one of the world's fastest growth potential markets. The formation of joint ventures and also determines the future opportunity for new technological trends” Yuksel Kaya said.

Great interest from metal sector

YaÄŸmur Fuarcilik is a very serious outreach program following the axis of policy expertise, starting one year in advance meticulously created a strategic program in Turkey 65,000 and abroad in 90 countries 42,000 regular information and the announcement of the company by the target audience is the agenda. Visitors from many countries of the world at the same time the opportunity to meet with companies to capture new technologies, new projects, investments and eliminates the loss of time and energy to research. All systems and equipment in terms of technological level and the prices is comparable. 3T Fair held the 12th time; sector in countries such as Turkey, many leading companies in the field of trade visitors the department managers visited the fair as well as Azarbaijan, Germany, Iran, Taiwan, Denmark, South Korea, France, The Netherlands, Italy, U.S.A, Bulgaria, India, Georgia, Tunis, Palestine, Greece, Qatar, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong.

Organized visitor delegations

In order to increase the intensity of professional visitors KOSGEB Metal Goods Chambers of Commerce and Industry Organized in collaboration with free shuttle bus service. Visitor delegations from the provinces on the buses, Konya, Adapazari, Kayseri, Gaziantep, Ankara, Karabuk, Bursa, Usak, Denizli, Isparta, Balikesir, Eskisehir, Aydin, Canakkale, Mersin, Adana, Kirklareli, Bilecik, Karaman and Kutahya, Turkey.

10 thousand 362 domestic 258 foreign visitors

3T Fair, 2014, many cities developed in the organization of industry professional visitors entertained. The host many visitors came to the province of Izmir again. Totally the visitors numbers are 10.362 visitors from 53 Turkish cities and 258 visitors from 20 foreign countries.

Sales and business connections, allowed a large number of exhibitors

From the first day of the fair, a large number of participants participating in the fair had the opportunity to sign agreements with the sales and business connections. Intense sense of participation in international trade fairs, the metal sector development and strengthening of Turkey also contributed to the increase in the demand for and the machine.