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PACK-IST was introduced at Rosupack

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PACK-IST Fair continues to rapidly to international promotion

Eurasia’s first and unique flexible packaging fair PACK-IST which is held for flexible packaging industry directed promotional activities to the major trade fairs which is held in international area.

Rosupack Fair is the important trade fair for the packaging industry in Russia held for 19th time this year, the promotional activities were performed by Yağmur Fuarcılık. PACK-IST which is organizing jointly by Yagmur Fuarcılık and FASD aims to flexible packaging industry that developing in our country provide to reach a larger market by promoting the international arena. Thus, gain qualifications to the flexible packaging industry developing in Turkey.

PACK-IST 2015 promoted in Moscow

Rosupack 2014 was held between in Russia Moscow at 17-20 June that is an important fair organizing each year. The Fair brings together the leaders of the packaging industry in the international arena was held every year since 1996.

Yağmur Fuarcılık participated to Rosupack 2014 Fair cause of to increase the visitors and participant in the international arena, present the PACK-IST 2015 to the Rosucpack Fairs’s participants and visitors. The purpose of introducing the participants and visitors of the exhibition prepared the advertising billboards and leaflets by Yağmur Fuarcılık, also given information to the exhibitors and visitors at the stand.

Turkish market attracts in Moscow because of in recent years Turkey packaging industry is a fastest growing sector. In recent years Turkey Packaging Industry is the fastest growing sectors. Although the packaging industry decreased 5% in 2009, after 2010 growth with 17,6 % the sector entered a recovery period. Rapid urbanization, population growth, rising living standards, the increase of women’s at working life, changes in consumers habits, along with spread of shopping centers increase of retail shopping trends, increase in the demand for consumer products and increasing of exporting are the key factors of the sector’s rapid development.

Yağmur Fuarcılık and FASD provide PACK-IST Fair organization since 2012 for rapidly growing flexible packaging industry in our country for the purpose of promoting and branding throughout the world. PACK-IST brings together a plurality of flexible packaging manufacturers and suppliers which owned a variety of products in the field of innovation and technology on a global scale with a strong brand platform aims to reach the level.

Flexible Packaging Industry is the center of attraction global leaders

Mostly discussed with the flexible packaging industry engaged in manufacturing firms are being targeted in the promotion with the participating companies, and was given information about Turkey market development and PACK-IST fair market impact and importance to the authorized persons.

One of the most important pillars of the success of the fair is the sector’s size and width of export capacity in Turkey. Flexible packaging production and sale reached 5,5 Million Euro in 2012.  Currently 6.5 million Euro are estimated to have a value of production of flexible packaging accounted for four of forty per cent of the total packaging consumption. 45 percent of production is exported. Eight percent on average in 2012, the center of attraction for investors is generating growing industries in the world.